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12 Modern Horizontal Fence

12 Modern Horizontal Fence

This horizontal board style is perfect for modern and contemporary home styles. Be inspired and enthusiastic by these 12 modern horizontal fences that will transform and enhance your yard. This article provides creative opportunities to add balance to the landscaping and architecture of your exterior space.

What Is a Modern Horizontal Fence?

What is a Modern Horizontal Fence?

This design is known to incorporate a contemporary touch to your outdoors. Its panels or planks lay horizontally instead of vertically, providing a modern look.

This design comes in all types, sizes, and styles for residential and commercial properties.

Most people install fences for four main reasons: practical limits, safety conditions, privacy, and great aesthetic value.

When you hear the word fence, you will imagine traditional vertical backyard posts, beautiful panels, or a classic picket barrier. This time, we are providing a different category of fence styles that has increased, adding an incredible curb appeal to your property: the horizontal fence!

This barrier is available in many materials, giving you ample opportunity to transform your rustic panels into a sleek, modern look. At AMG Fence & Builders, LLC, we specialize in bringing to your yard the rural/ranch-style fence feel you want.

Let’s go through a path of design and ideas for stunning options and preferences you need to revamp your outdoor.

4 Modern Horizontal Fence Material Options

4 Modern Horizontal Fence Material Options
  1. Wood serves many different roles. It can work as a partial structure, a wall divider, a wooden barrier along the boundary around the designated yard, or elsewhere within your property.
  2. Vinyl is one of the top materials for this type of barrier, and there is a good reason why! It is long-lasting and requires very little maintenance. You can find it in various styles, as well.
  3. Aluminum is an excellent choice because of its resistance to rust and weather compared to wood. A great idea is to paint the metal posts with an elegant black color so that you will accent your lush green landscaping, highlighting your outdoors.

Another reason to choose aluminum is it’s lightweight, making it relatively easy to build creative and stylish horizontal fences.

  1. Steel is ideal for building barriers. It is more cost-effective, powerful, and long-lasting than the abovementioned materials. Each steel panel is resistant to impacts and wind, making it an excellent choice for high-security horizontal fences.

12 Dazzling Horizontal Fence Design Ideas to Revamp Your Yard

1. Backyard Privacy

Horizontal Backyard Privacy Fence

This untraditional design could be a bit concerning for your neighbors. Still, this particular board on board fence will automatically transform your backyard using the correct materials.

This barrier uses cedar wood with metal posts. Cedar will add a more appealing and warm look to your backyard.

2. Stepped Horizontal

Stepped Horizontal Fence

As we know, Central Texas is commonly called the Texas Hill Country. The stylish stepped fence is your best option if your property is on a hill.

3. Woven Wood Fence

It is also known as a basket weave fence that creates a lovely aesthetic effect. Implementing it is challenging, but you will win a big creative design on your property.

4. Horizontal Slat

Horizontal Slat Fence

The steel frame and metal posts hold horizontal wood panels, but you can build them entirely of wood or metal. Click the following link to learn more about wood and metal fence.

This type of barrier works incredibly from a functional and architectural perspective. As mentioned before, you can use different materials to build it, but the wood and metal combination looks the finest.

The best part about building one of these options is that if one slat is damaged, you can change it for a new one. So, your slat fence will stand robust for years.

5. Timber Pool Fence

Timber Pool Fence

When your pool is visible from the streets or a neighbor’s backyard, you have a great privacy solution by installing a timber pool barrier. However, privacy is not the only reason; it also increases the visual appeal.

6. Private Patio

Private Patio with Modern Horizontal Fence

This barrier may turn your patio into a more designated and private space, preventing uninvited pests from entering your property. Vinyl is the most attractive material for this type of fence.

7. Horizontal Reed

Reeds are inexpensive, relatively strong, and easy to install, very useful for creating an improved aesthetic look. When this barrier is strategically built with spaces, you can make it see-through.

8. Horizontal Front Yard and Garden Barrier

Custom Wood Fence Installation in Bulverde, TX

The most important thing to emphasize when installing a garden barrier is to build it low. It should be designed to accentuate boundaries, not to create privacy.

9. Aluminum Privacy

Aluminum Privacy. modern horizontal fence

Aluminum is the best weather-resistant material compared to wood. It is low-maintenance, durable, easy to install, and long-lasting, offering your outdoors a warm, rich appearance.

And something we are thankful for is that it provides optimum privacy and keeps your neighbors happy.

10. Vinyl Board Fences

Vinyl Boards Fences

The Vinyl board is rapidly becoming the top material to build horizontal fences. What is the reason? It comes in various styles, is long-lasting, and requires little maintenance.

11. Louvered Horizontal Fence

It provides a creative partial private space to see outside your yard.

12. Shadow Box Horizontal Fence

With this fence style, each horizontal panel alternates from the front and behind the fence posts. When you look at it straight on, it offers complete privacy.

Final Thoughts

modern horizontal fence controls entries

Our modern horizontal fence design guide will help you make the right decision at the installation time.

Remember, using the correct material will transform every space in your property that needs a revamp.

Call us for your free consultation, and we’ll advise you on the best type of fence that fits your needs, wants, and budget perfectly.

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