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8 Ranch Style Fences

Ranch Style Fence Installation in Kyle, TX

Kyle, TX, and the surrounding areas are ranching areas. Consequently, some homeowners love ranch style fences. Nowadays, people use these barriers to adorn their homes and protect their gardens from unwanted & dangerous guests like deer.

And ranchers and farmers (some of our favorite people because they put food on our tables) intrinsically need ranch style fences to protect their investments, livestock, crops, and delimit their property. 

Also, some of these ranch style fences can keep dangerous deer out.

8 Ranch Style Fences that Ranchers, Farmers & Homeowners Love

  1. Pipe rail
  2. Sheep & goat wire
  3. Cattle panel
  4. Hog wire
  5. Mesh wire horse (V-patterned mesh)
  6. Vinyl ranch rail
  7. Split rail (Corral)
  8. Barbed wire

8 Farm Style Fence Ideas: Protect Your Ranch or Adorn Your Home!

1. Pipe Rail Fence

Pipe fencing consists of hollow steel pipes running horizontally (railings) and vertically (posts). 

Pasture fencing comes in a great variety of shapes and sizes. For instance, some pipe barriers are built with wooden posts, some are all made of steel pipes, and some are painted to extend the life of the materials further or achieve a specific look.

If you want a lasting, affordable, and strong barrier to hold livestock, you can choose a pipe rail fence as your go-to option.

Ranchers and farmers have used metal pipes for years to:

  • Contain livestock (especially cows & horses).
  • Enclose pastures.
  • Delimit ranch property.

And now, homeowners use them because they want something beyond the common wood panel, wrought iron, or vinyl fencing options.

One benefit of this type of barrier is that it stands up to hail, wind, and rain for years to come.

Pipe rail barriers are eco-friendly. So, by installing them on your ranch or farm, you’ll not contribute to deforestation, land erosion, or similar ecosystem damage.

2. Sheep & Goat Wire Fence

Protect Your Sheep and Goats with These 3 Fence Types

As a fence contractor in Kyle, TX, we have often been asked what kind of fences work best for goats. Goats are natural climbers and jumpers. And to them, the only thing better than climbing onto a stump is jumping right back off again.

Goat behavior is the biggest challenge for ranchers. For instance, goats like to graze on anything they can reach, including tree leaves.

Also, goats are escaping masters, so they will challenge any enclosure until they find a breach and take advantage of it. 

They’ll poke holes, chew, climb, or push over anything in their way. If their heads can make it through a hole in the barrier, their bodies are sure to follow.

So, it is hard to keep them from escaping from your ranch style fence.

You must use sheep & goat wire to keep goats within their pasture enclosure. We believe this is the best option. This type of barrier can be installed in hilly and flat terrains alike.

Red Brand is among the most popular sheep & goat wire fence brands. This wire mesh features the square deal knot that keeps a firm hold. So, it provides strong confinement and deters animals from putting their heads through the barrier.

3. Cattle Panels

Cattle Panel Fence Used as a Regular Yard Fence

Cattle panels are typically used to protect livestock on a farm. This type of barrier is often used for animals like cows, pigs & sheep.

But the popularity of cattle panels has expanded far beyond traditional rural and agricultural applications. It has been adopted by homeowners who use cattle panels as a barrier around their yards or gardens.

For instance, as farmers and ranchers use cattle panel fencing to contain and protect their livestock, dog owners can also utilize them to create a space for their favorite pets to run around and play safely.

4. Hog Wire Panels

Hog Wire Fence Installation in Bulverde, TX

The latest three entries in our list were very similar. Even for us fence contractors, they look alike. But they are not the same. Here we share a video that will settle this little dilemma:

So, a hog wire panel features intersecting metal rods that are welded together and hot-dip galvanized for corrosion protection. So, they are solid. 

The particular characteristic of hog wire panels is that they have smaller openings at the bottom and larger ones at the top. On the other hand, cattle panels are consistently sized from top to bottom.

Hog wire panels originated for farm use to keep hogs and other animals in the pen. It’s funny to say that nowadays, this type of barrier is as commonly used for surrounding a backyard pool or patio as it is for keeping pigs in.

Hog wire panels are framed to maintain rigidity from top to bottom. Also, the wire and wood turn out to be a perfect combination, which in turn will increase the curb appeal of your yard or pool.

5. Mesh Wire Horse Fence

Rectangular Wire Mesh Fence with Closely Spaced 2″ X 4″ Openings

For the ranch style fence with wire, there are many variations. And the mesh wire horse fence is peculiar because it is meant for horses.

How so?

This wire mesh is woven in a V pattern or a triangular shape design. And between each V or triangle, a narrow spacing prevents horses from “stepping through” or “walking down” this barrier.

Basically, the V patterns are woven closely so your horse’s hoof won’t get stuck, and your horse will stay safe.

It is not necessary for the wire mesh to be V-patterned. A rectangular mesh closely spaced 2″ x 4″ opening can work perfectly while protecting your horses.

Some of the benefits of a horse fence are:

  • Provides reliable strength.
  • Stands strong and sturdy for many years.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Keeps intruders out.

So, if your ranch specializes in raising horses, this is the ideal ranch style fence for you.

6. Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence

Vinyl Ranch Rail Fence Mimicking Wood

Vinyl is awesome. It mimics real wood rail barriers easily. We have to credit vinyl ranch barriers because they look as splendid on the farm as they look in the yard.

As you have been reading repeatedly throughout this article, ranch style fences are everywhere now, from the ranch and farm to the suburbs and urban areas.

And just like a wood barrier, you can find vinyl styles like:

  • 2-rail post and rail
  • 3-rail post and rail
  • 4-rail post and rail
  • Crossbuck style

Some even claim that vinyl is better than wood. Here are some of the benefits of installing a vinyl ranch rail fence in your farm or yard:

  1. Rails will not crack or split under pressure.
  2. Vinyl doesn’t rot, so you’ll have a durable option.
  3. Vinyl ranch rails are maintenance-free.
  4. PVC retains beauty much longer than other barrier types.
  5. You don’t have to worry about insect-related damage.

7. Split Rail Fence

Images for ranch style fences

Well, what can we say?

Split rail barriers are made of real wood. We think of it when someone says, “ranch style fence.” And for a good reason, because when you also Google this phrase, the image result gets populated mainly by images of split rail barriers.

Split rail fences are made from timber logs, usually split lengthwise into rails typically used for agricultural and ranching fencing.

But, these barriers require much more timber than others. So, they are common only in areas where wood is abundant.

Also the other drawback is that they require constant maintenance for both weather conditions and insect-related damage.

On the other hand, a split rail barrier adds rustic charm and unique appeal to a ranch that only wood can.

In the case of a corral, this is a type of split rail barrier. The only distinction between them is that it has a polished look instead of a rustic one.

8. Barbed Wire

Last but not least, we have barbed wire.

Some of the benefits of using this type of enclosure are:

  • You can delimit off big areas to keep animals in.
  • It’s easy to install.
  • It’s affordable compared to other options.
  • Barbed wire is long-lasting.
  • It has a low upkeep cost.
  • Barbed wire is useful for delimiting your ranch.

And as you know, barbed wire is considered to be dangerous because they have sharp barbs every few inches. That’s the only drawback of this fence, but from my experience, this type of barrier is great for raising cattle because they are docile animals.


If you’re looking for a ranch style fence, we hope this article has helped you find what you need. Many different options are available on the market today, and it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs.

If you want to make your decision easier, you can call our professionals at AMG Fence & Builders, LLC. We’ll offer you a free consultation and advise you on the right barrier for your wants and needs.

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