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Wood Picket Fences

Wood Picket Fences

The wood picket fence is the best classic option to use if you want to enclose your yard with an elegant and decorative barrier that will not block your views. This blog post will provide you with five basic types of wood fences & the eight best paint colors to reinvigorate your exterior curb appeal.   

What Is a Picket Fence?

picket fence is a variation of barriers

A picket fence is a variation of barriers that use a singular and primary structure (vertical planks attached to horizontal rails), providing privacy but not total obstruction, so you can still enjoy any sceneries outside your property.

You can create stunning barriers with different elements, styles, colors, and materials like:

  • Cedar
  • Pine
  • Redwood
  • Vinyl
  • Iron

5 Gorgeous Ideas of Wood Picket Fences That Certainly Add Elegance & Distinction

Traditionally, homeowners add design and elements, providing a style and painting that can offer a proactive layer to your fence.

You can decide on plenty of practical uses for a fence, getting:

  • Privacy.
  • Safely corral Kids and Pets.
  • Block Noise, Wind, and Uninvited guests.

Suitable wood fence styles make a strong aesthetic statement, improving a home’s curb appeal. Here, we help you with four types of famous designs of barriers in Texas you can choose from.

1. Place Your Picket Fence Further Inside the Property Line

Your Picket Fence Further Inside the Property Line

One way to add distinction to your property is to place your fence by just one or two meters, not at the edge of a yard.

The additional space offers enough room for a narrow hedge or beauty flower bed to enhance the yard and barrier.

2. Put It On the Interior of Your Yard

Define your property edge but use it as a decorative element for your landscape, suiting inside your house.

A picket barrier separates the lawn from a flowerbed, for example.

3. Uplift Your Barrier With a Base

This barrier works well in cottage or country landscapes. You can raise the structure with a base (typically stone), which can help you transform your outdoor style.

4. Add Additional Hardscaping & Landscaping Elements

Additional Landscaping Elements - wood picket fences

You can incorporate gates, pergolas, arbors, and trellises into a picket barrier.

The picket fence looks from inside the yard. Try to plant a bed that mirrors the other side of the bar. This pretty-grown view will add an upgrade level of curb appeal to your property.

5. Enhance Your Barrier With Color or Decorative Accents

Choose an unusual color, add an accent color from your home, and apply it wholly or partially to all your fences.

8 Best Paint Colors To Revamp Your Exterior Curb Appeal

White still ranks as a great and classic option in traditional-style homes. People usually picture a house with a white picket fence as the perfect home image.

But white is not the only option; you can try these beautiful alternatives:

1. Navy

Feel free to use dark and bold colors. These imponent options prove stunning looks. To talk about blue refers to a viable option of versions; for example, inky blue includes violet, which provides an exciting hue.

2. Pink

Pink is the new attractive neutral color; it goes with everything! Bring the trend outside with a pink fence.

The green plants mixed with the black furniture highlight the pink backdrop for a chic and cozy look.

Pink is also one of the colors known for reducing anxiety, which can only help encourage outdoor relaxation.

3. Green

Green may be too much of a good thing! But if you choose the right natural green, the fence acts almost like a Shrubbery, becoming a backdrop that showcases your plantings in front.

This fresh color is a visual extension of the other greenery and makes the yard seem more prominent.

4. Yellow

This sunshiny yellow fence is a natural mood brightener, joyous, and radiant optimism color.

Its olden ember variation is the actual color for fences. It will give your tired wooden fence a golden glow with the natural beauty of wood showing through.

5. Blue: The Tone of the Sky

wood picket fences - Blue: The Tone of the Sky

A blue fence is a fun and elegant way to add color to your yard. This hue works well if your home includes neutral shades, like gray, white, beige, or softer. It adds some visual contrast and helps make your home stand out.

Not royal, but closer to a blue-grey color. It is a great blue that has grey tones in it.

Blue is a great color to make your fence fade into the shrubbery and skylines.

6. The Perfect Match: Gray-Aqua

Gray is a classic neutral with every home style. This versatile color pairs well with everything from modern-style fences to traditional picket fences.

Your fence is a great place to experiment with color, so don’t be afraid to take a risk pairing aqua and gray to give a basic fence an uncommon, sophisticated look.

7. Dramatic Black Fence

Black acts more like a neutral, suitable for a more modern feel in your yard. This color lets your plants and foliage stand out.

A common interior design rule says every room should have at least a little black. Outdoors, the same limitation can apply.

Thanks to that stunning deep black background, all green plants become the worthy focus.

8. White

White - wood picket fences

Painting a white fence lends a sleek, modern look, making a perfect home view for whatever enclosed area.

White is ideal for gardens with bright-colored flowers and plants since it lets the colors pop.


It is essential to remember the basics when considering wood picket fence designs.

Choose the style and materials that will increase your home value. There are many options, but you can decide on two main categories listed above, which will be sufficient for your unexpected results.

We offer top-quality fence installation in Spring BranchCanyon LakeSan MarcosWimberleyNew BraunfelsLockhartBudaBulverde, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Hiring AMG Fence & Builders ensures that you have the iconic and timeless wooden picket fence in your home—long associated with the American Dream.


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