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7 Different Types of Deer Fencing for Gardens

6 Different Types of Deer Fencing for Gardens

Texas is home to millions of deer of various species. White-tailed deer and mule deer are the two native deer species to Texas’s vast and diverse countryside. 

Although deer are beautiful animals, they are considered pests because they are notorious for eating plants and wreaking havoc on gardens and backyards. Thus, today, we’ll tell you about the different types of deer fencing for gardens.

Since deer are wild animals, no one takes care of them. Thus, there is a possibility that they carry dangerous ticks that can cause Lyme disease. 

So, the best way to prevent your yard from being destroyed by deer or exposed to the illnesses they carry is by adding an effective barrier.

But here are some of the things you need to consider when installing a deer fence:

How High Can a Deer Jump?

An adult deer can quickly jump 7 ft. or higher and can squeeze through small gaps in vertical or horizontal fences. 

A “deer proof” fence would need to be 8 ft. or taller and constructed of impenetrable solid materials like welded wire or chain link to be effective in the long term.

The barrier should be 8 ft. high if you can see through it and 6 ft. if it is a privacy fence. Deer are less likely to jump an enclosure if they can’t see if a potential predator is on the other side.

But some deer don’t obey their instincts. Take a look at this homemade video of a deer jumping over 2 wood fences.

Metal vs Plastic Mesh?

Since deer are wild animals, the sturdier the barrier, the better. So, if you want a more effective solution to keep deer out, you can opt for metal mesh fences.

For instance, you can buy the Deer, Orchard & Wildlife Fencing of Red Brand. Then, you can hire AMG Fence & Builders to install your deer-proof barrier.

Plastic mesh is practical because it’s easier to install and affordable. But in the long run, it sags and is not easy to seal at the bottom.

Deer are smart. 

They will try to crawl and push underneath your fence and focus on a barrier’s weak spots. 

So, by installing a wire mesh enclosure, you’ll leave no gaps between the fence and the ground.

Which Deer Fence Looks Better?

Since we are talking about deer fencing for gardens, you need to consider the appearance of the deer barrier you’ll install.

The best-looking type of deer fence is wood. A wood fence is an appealing landscape feature when well-designed and properly installed.

7 Different Types of Deer Fencing for Gardens

  1. Poly Mesh Deer Fencing (Affordable, Not Chewing Proof)
  2. Steel Hex Web Fence (Effective but Not Appealing)
  3. Galvanized Welded Wire Fencing (Strong & Durable)
  4. Woven Wire Fence (Durable & Requires Little Maintenance)
  5. Chain-Link Fence (Customized to Any Height)
  6. Privacy Wood Fence (Beautiful)
  7. Wood and Metal Fence (Stunning and Durable)

7 Different Types of Deer Fencing for Gardens

1. Poly Mesh Deer Fencing

Poly mesh fencing is a solid plastic polymer that is resistant to harsh weather and physical force. 

Depending on the strength of the mesh, poly deer fencing has a life expectancy of about 10 to 20 years.

This mesh is attached to vertical posts to form a barrier against deer. To deter deer from digging or crawling, it’s necessary to stake it into the ground.

We recommend installing a poly mesh deer fence at least 7.5 ft. high for effectiveness.

Another advantage is that poly mesh barriers are see-through. So, installing this plastic mesh will help keep deer out while not obstructing your view of the green lands on the horizon.

The most significant disadvantage of this type of deer fence is that it is not 100% chew proof, and with high enough deer pressure and consistent chewing, holes or tearing may occur over time.

2. Steel Hex Web Fence

Steel Hex Web Fence Is Deer Chew Proof

The next step up in strength is steel hex fencing, composed of a galvanized steel wire mesh. The hexagonal design of the wire mesh is much stronger than a square design. That’s why it’s so common in nature, like a beehive.

One of the benefits of installing a steel hex web fence is its toughness. And the galvanized steel mesh means it is chew proof.

Remember that you want to keep wild animals out of your garden. So, you should first think of the sturdiness of an enclosure over its appearance.

Steel hex web fence is see-through and has a sleek mesh design. It looks like a beehive. 

But sincerely, metal mesh fences are utilitarian. They don’t look awesome. They just do a fantastic job of keeping deer out. Thus, you can add this as a backyard fencing option.

3. Galvanized Welded Wire Fencing

Fence Company in Bulverde, TX

This type of garden deer fencing is made of heavy-gauge metal attached to metal posts.

Welded mesh fence is not cheap, but it’s one of the most durable and sturdy barriers.

Nowadays, one of the trendiest options is hog wire panels framed with wood to maintain rigidity from top to bottom. The welded wire and wood frame turn out to be a perfect combination, which will increase your yard’s curb appeal.

But the only thing is that this fence has to be at least 7.5 ft. If it can be built as high as 8 ft., it will be better for keeping deer out.

4. Wire Mesh Horse Fencing

Rectangular Woven Wire Fence to Keep Deer Out

This high-tensile woven wire mesh works perfectly to keep deer out as long as you ask your fence contractor to build it around 7.5 to 8 ft. tall.

This wire mesh horse fencing is one of the most popular ranch style fences. 

Woven wire is bent by a machine into “V” patterns closely to prevent animals’ heads and hooves from getting stuck and hurting themselves. Without a doubt, this type of enclosure works perfectly for keeping wild animals out.

The other woven wire pattern is the square mesh, which is closely spaced with a 2″ x 2″ opening. This small opening mesh is effective in keeping deer out and less likely to harm them.

Some of the benefits of a woven wire fence are:

  • Provides reliable strength against trespassing deer.
  • Stands solid and sturdy for many years.
  • Requires little maintenance.
  • Effective in keeping deer out.
  • Adds to the curb appeal of your garden.

5. Chain-Link Fence

Chain-Link Fences Can Be Customized to Any Height

Chain-link fence, also known by some as hurricane fence, is another type of garden deer fencing. This metal mesh enclosure is one of the most effective in keeping deer out.

What’s best about chain-link fences is that they can be customized to almost any height. You can install a 7 ft., 8 ft., 10 ft., and 12 ft.

They are utilitarian, relatively easy to install, and a very cost-effective fencing solution. 

So, in our humble opinion, they don’t look fabulous in the front yard. Instead, you can use it in your backyard since it will be hard for deer to trespass it.

6. Privacy Wood Fence

Residential Wood Fence Installation in Comal County, TX

Last but not least, you should consider installing a privacy wood fence.

Wood is beautiful. It took years and a divine touch to design wood grains and patterns.

Wood fences look lovely, charming, and classic. So, installing one will enhance the curb appeal of your property.

But since you want an effective deer barrier for your garden, wood can be a good choice. Yet, it’s not 100% deer-proof.

Since deer are wild animals, they live in the constant run or get killed routine. 

So, when you install a wood privacy fence, deer can’t see if a potential predator is on the other side. Thus, some deer will not jump over your wood fence and will move on.

But as you saw in the video we shared at the beginning of this article, there is no guarantee that wood fences will always stop deer. Some deer will jump anyway, forgetting their instincts.

7. Wood and Metal Fence

Increased Privacy and Security of Wood and Metal Fence

Wood and metal fences are more robust than wooden barriers. 

The metallic material (iron or aluminum) makes the fences more resistant to weather conditions and stability, ensuring a durable and cost-effective option for you. 

At the same time, the wood adds an organic and unrepeatable design.

So, if deer is a constant nuisance in your garden, you must invest in a more durable enclosure.

Keep Deer Our with Our Ranch Style Fences

Deer are wonderful, majestic animals. I love to see them. But I don’t love to see them eating my grass, crops, plants, and the leaves & shoots of my trees. So, as a residential fence contractor near San Marcos, TX, and Kyle, TX, we can help you.

Basically, the best barriers to keep deer out are steel hex web fences, galvanized welded wire fences, woven wire fences, and chain-link fences.

Hire AMG Fence & Builders to install a ranch style fence that can keep jumping deer out of your garden or farmland.

Remember as well that male deer are dangerous. So, by keeping them out, you’ll avoid any risk that a deer hurts your pets or kids!

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